Certified Coach, Speaker & Trainer
Who is Tedi Parsons?
Tedi Parsons was born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI and is the fith child of eight siblings.  Growing-up, Tedi never really fit in and used his sharp wit and ability to connect with others to survive.  After high school Tedi spent several years trying to 'find himself' and eventually found that Lansing was the place he wanted to call home.  In Lansing, he found his niche in the diversity and professional training world, which launched the start of something big.

In 2011, Tedi decided to put all his past personal and professional experiences to work and created The Professionals Forum (TPF), bringing a strong background in human resources, operations, facilities management, training and development, and social justice. The Professionals Forum’s Mission is to Help Today’s Professionals Become Tomorrow’s World-Leaders. As President of The Professionals Forum, Tedi is responsible for the strategic vision and day-to-day operations of the organization, including creating and implementing high-quality and effective training and professional development programs, which are used to educate, encourage and empower others. Since 2012, over 3,500 individuals have took part in TPF’s professional diversity education and training programs.  

Using real world experiences, TPF assists employers in both the private and public sectors to attract and retain world-class talent by bringing a unique perspective to Human Resources, focusing on people and not policy. To further this mission, Tedi, along with his amazing reginal partners, founded the Michigan Disability Empowerment Coalition (MiDEC) in 2016, which focuses on ensuring persons with disabilities have full access to gainful and equitable employment.  To learn more about The Professionals Forum (TPF) and Michigan Disability Empowerment Coalition (MiDEC), please visit us online at:  www.theprosforum.com and  www.mi-dec.com​​.

Prior to TPF, Tedi has held positions as Vice-President of Operations & Human Resources, Sr. Executive Assistant, Facilities & Operations Manager, and Executive Administrator. He received his certification in Purchasing & Procurement after attending the University of Wisconsin – Madison, School of Business. Additionally, he holds designations as a Certified Career Coach (CCC), Certified Executive Coach (CEC) and Certified Professional Coach (CPC), including receiving certifications in facilities management, ergonomics, and human resources.  Additionally, Tedi is sought out to provide professional direction and training for Human Resources and Diversity and Inclusion for both the private and public sectors. 

​Along with his many hours of volunteer service, mentoring and strong commitment to social justice and equity, he finds time to serve as a Certified Tourist Ambassador (CTA) in the Lansing region.  Tedi currently lives in Lansing, MI with his, larger than life personality, dog Ms. Izzy and, don't give a rats-behind, cat Sarasota.
  Taking past experiences, current happenings and some pretty interesting 'hot topics', I will share my take on these and more on my blog: Tedi Talks! 

Tedi - Through the Years...
 Tedi & Shanel Carter 
(October 23,2013)
2 Year-Old Tedi
3 Year-Old Tedi
Tedi & Ms Izzy (2017)